From the 404’s in life come the best ideas

The brief consisted of creating an advertisement for the magazine ADCN (the club and platform for creativity in advertising and design in the Netherlands celebrating 50th years) on behalf of the company J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, the concept that all companies had to represent was "the future" and "mistakes", my design was chosen among 14 more designs and represented the company.

The concept has a background and is 'The creation born out mistakes everywhere' so '404 not found' is the most common mistake we find on the internet today, so creativity is born from the 404's in life. 

I have inspired by the cyberpunk, that explore this visual language and I sought to make sculptural forms like if was an a futuristic city of real numbers on a series—ones that embody the reality daily fast and freedom from so many details has look appear real.

Category : AD Magazine

Platforms used: Website / Instagram / Print

Copyright: Bas Korsten

Design / Art Direction / Artist 3D : Andrea Cuervo

Special Thanks to agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam to have chosen me.


Check magazine ADCN : HERE!