The Story Machine / Creation to new Brand concept & visual / Motion Logo

We created Stories that "touch" you: in the head, heart or stomach with a close collaboration with JWT Amsterdam and CCCP.

The approach was to create a magic brand with coherence, direction and worthy quality always think video stories on well-oiled machine and hypermodern.

The Story Machine is all about stories. The art of telling a good story is that you 'touch' the other person: in the head, the heart or in the stomach. The appearance does not matter. This can be done with an online video of six seconds, a one-and-a-half-hour movie, a commercial, a branded series, an Instagram story, a music video, a photo series, a blog, a column or via Virtual Reality.

Year : 2017

Agency: JWT Amsterdam and CCCP

Creative Director : Bas Korsten

Editor-in-chief : Christiaan Ruesink

Art Direction / Illustration / Animation : Andrea Cuervo

Trainee Motion Designer : Dylan Stoel


From the logo duplicated a lot times combined with the same typography, we can appreciate the gradients with bold typo, duotones with bright colours, to get an electric and memorable design like an example, we can function with other big tittles.   



Creating the logotype animate version with funny illustrations, elements animations and custom are a big and place some animations slow, this mix creates some unique visual aesthetic by combining depth with flatness hypermodern.

The end result is a visual Logotype is a well-oiled.