In Colombia, the numbers of Sexual Transmission Infection are increasing everyday.

That’s why Today Condoms, the leader Brand of the market,

is making a big effort educating young people on the use of the condom to prevent STI.


On 2017 we created a campaigning with the objetive of deny the believers of our target group

that all of the SITs are in places like strip clubs, crack houses or poor suburbs.


This is a very dangerous place, a lot of people have a STI just like i do, i’m HIV positive.

But i’ve never been here, i got infected by and university friend.



The father you see HIV, the closer you are of getting it. In Colombia,

for every person with ZIKA, there were 3 reported events of HIV.

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Anything cloud happen here, even getting a STI. just like the one i’ve got.

I have Syphilis, but i’ve never been here. I got infected by a friend i really liked.



The father you see Syphilis, the closer you are of getting it.

In Colombia there’re 25 events reported every day.


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