Visual identity & UI design for Saan Food

Saan Food Peruan restaurant in Bogotá, keep on it establishes a permanent dialogue with its sources the sea, the producers, fishermen, farmers, etc. establishing with them a link indissoluble of permanent respect and affection supporting autochthonous agriculture.

My workflow included researching, sketching, gathering feedback in user testings and starting over until I’ve found a perfect solution for solve the problem.

Business cards, stationery and identity system. Each color match an aspect of Saan Food work : Orange for condiments and fire cooking the food, Black for the for the variety of sober style and wood that smells old, & White for the flour that is its main ingredient.

Year : 2016

Platforms used: Website

Client: Saan Food

Project: Freelance

Art direction / Concept / UI Designer : Andrea Cuervo