oh lala!..
Hello, World!

I am Andrea
designer • 7+YOE
motion & 3d enthusiast
curious tech explorer
& 🐶🐦🐱 lover

I've cultivated my sharp eye for detail, driven by the excitement of exploring new technologies and tools to seek diverse ways of shaping ideas and discovering solutions through the application of recursion; I've gained experience in various roles as a Graphic Design, Mid Art Director, Visual / Marketing Communications, and now focus in 3D.


Fields & Tools

  • Graphic design - Adobe CC, Procreate
  • Branding & Art direction - Miro
  • Web design - XD, Sketch, Figma
  • Motion design - Ae Pr Me
  • 3D - C4D, Arnold, Redshift, Octane
  • Real-time Visualization - TouchDesigner
  • Marketing design - Paid ads, SoMe
  • HTML/CSS (basic Python) - VS Code, Anaconda

I am currently available for full–time and freelance