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Explore another tools is so much fun! I began playing around with connecting nodes and exploring parameters TouchDesigner. It's been an exciting journey following tutorials and workshops, full of options to delve into. I've been focus on real-time visualizations and audio-reactive content. For those special records, I've added text animations in After effects; However, you can see them with sound on my Instagram.

Tool Playtime

TouchDesigner is a fantastic & dynamic tool, particularly when delving into real-time audio-reactive visuals. It’s a creative playground where videos you’ve seen are born from various experimental patches.


Utilizing shapes, spheres and toroids, along with movements driven by camera and light through TOPs and CHOPs.
I focused on maintaining consistent color palette, smoothest animation, playing with effects, light and camara direction. Geometry in motion became my fav; these animations brought me joyous outcomes, a chapter in my learning journey.
Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!
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